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The Top Home Remodeling Trends in Passaic County NJ

The Top Home Remodeling Trends in Passaic County NJ

Planning a home remodeling project gives you the opportunity to add new features to your home that make life more enjoyable. While you want to give your home a unique look that shows off your personal sense of style, it also helps to look at what other people are doing to find some inspiration. When it comes to home remodeling, Passaic County, NJ homeowners have the advantage of being able to use high-end materials to blend stylistic designs with functionality. Taking a look at these current top trends for remodeling projects in your area gives you a starting point for planning a home that reflects your personality.

Warm Up the Patio With a Fire Feature

Cold winter days might seem far away during the summer, but they’re a common part of New Jersey life that don’t have to bring you down. Although it’s common to feel some seasonal effects of shorter days without much sun, fire pits can help to elevate your mood. Spending time around fire features has been shown to help people practice greater mindfulness, which can improve your mental wellbeing.

To enjoy your fire pit to the fullest, make sure to work with a contractor that is experienced with masonry. They’ll help you design a custom fire pit or fireplace that fits your lifestyle. Whether you prefer a fireplace that serves as an outdoor kitchen or just want to enjoy some casual conversations around the warmth of a fire, they’ll help you create a feature that serves as the perfect place to socialize.

Install a Multifunctional Kitchen Island

Counter space tends to be a hot commodity in kitchens, but you might have a better alternative available that can help you avoid feeling cluttered as you cook. Many homeowners are adding common kitchen features to their kitchen islands that free up room for other enhancements. For instance, you could add a prep sink to the island that allows you to use the other one for washing up pots and pans. During your consultation for kitchen renovations in Passaic County, NJ, you can talk about the parts of your kitchen that could be moved to a more ideal location.

Give Your Home a Facelift With Vinyl Siding

The siding on your home stands out, since it is one of the largest features. While adding a spa or new kitchen island to the interior of your home helps to expand your enjoyment of the space, new siding on the outside serves a very important purpose. All types of siding are meant to help protect the building materials that exist beneath the surface of your home, and choosing the right type can help you meet specific goals.

For instance, vinyl siding is known for being fireproof, since it won’t usually ignite until it reaches 750 degrees Fahrenheit. Alternatively, you could choose stone veneer siding to improve the aesthetics while also creating a water-resistant barrier for your home. Siding contractors in Passaic County, NJ are experienced with knowing which type of materials to use, and you can rely on your contractor to walk you through the various pro’s and con’s of each one to find the perfect fit.

Finish It All Out With a New Roof

In New Jersey, homeowners often install new roofs to prevent water damage during the rainy and snowy season. But, that’s not the only benefit that you can enjoy from adding a new roof. Installing a new roof that is made from a different color of shingle could make all the difference for giving your home’s curb appeal an upgrade. Or, perhaps it’s time to replace parts of the roof with shingles that have developed mold and mildew stains over the years that won’t go away.

You might also discover that changing the color of your roof brings out the aesthetic enhancements that new siding brought to your home. Roofing companies in Passaic County, NJ can even show you combinations of color samples for your roof materials to give you an idea of what you can do when you top your home improvements off with this essential project.

Summer in New Jersey is enjoyable for most residents, and you can always find something exciting to keep yourself entertained. Yet, it’s also important to think about what your life is like at home when you’re not out enjoying a beautiful day. Choosing to use these trends as a starting point for planning your remodeling project helps you to being working with a contractor to round out all of the details. From the first consultation to the final walk through on your project, you can enjoy knowing that all of your hard work will pay off when you’re able to enjoy whipping up something special to eat in the kitchen or snuggling around the fire pit with your loved ones.