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Whether an outdoors, new home office, family room, garage, or second-floor addition, we pride ourselves on the high-quality work to transform your house and improve functionality, quality, or completely transform wasted space into amazing additions.

Affordable Home Services’ expertise includes renovations, remodeling, and additions. We can help create the right design for your living and budgetary needs. We are a third-generation family-owned business that is fully insured, and we pride ourselves on completing high-quality work that can transform your house and make it the home you have always desired. Check out some of the room addition options that can change your home and your life. An addition can add functionality to your home, improving quality of life, and change wasted space into a place where your family connects and comes together.

Popular Room Additions

Outdoor Additions

Outdoor additions can add an entirely new element to your living space and the enjoyment of your home. Outdoor decks and dining spaces that encompass grilling and eating areas can transform your home and ensure you get the most out of the spring and summer months. Our design team can help create the outdoor living areas that fit your needs and complement your yard without compromising it.

Dining Room Additions

A dining room addition can help improve living space in several ways, including creating more space in the kitchen. Many homes have dining space in the kitchen, which can create space needs. A dining room addition can create more space in the kitchen and improve your ability to entertain.

Home Office Additions

Working from home trends already were on the rise before the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, home offices are considered an essential part of home life for millions of adults. A home office can create a functional workspace designed for your specific needs. And it is a great return-on-investment addition as future buyers will view the availability of a productive, ready-to-go workspace favorably.

Media Room Additions/Family Rooms

Media room additions and/or a home theater area can create a dynamic family living space. More and more, films are being released simultaneously on streaming services and in theaters. Home theater systems will be the wave of the future. An addition that creates a home entertainment system for movies and gaming is a great way to incorporate technology into family time.

Second-Story Additions

second-story addition can truly transform a home, adding bedrooms and bathrooms and nearly doubling the home’s size. We can help you plan the addition and work with you and your budget. A second-story addition is a great way to add value to an existing home and add space to accommodate a growing family.

Storage and Garage Additions

A garage addition can add storage for vehicles, snowblowers, lawnmowers, and much more. In addition to an existing garage is not an option, there are other ways to create additional storage. Properly storing items, especially during the winter, can help maintain them and prevent them from degrading over time. As kids get older, storage space can become a premium, and a garage addition is a great way to satisfy this need.

Key Takeaways

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