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The Benefits of Having Energy Efficient Shingles Installed on Your Home

If your New Jersey home requires a new roof then it’s a great time to consider replacing it with energy-efficient shingles. It’s an opportunity to turn your roof into something that saves you money on your utility bills rather than contributing to the high cost. Energy-efficient asphalt shingles have many advantages over other kinds, the costs are similar, and installation is the same. Affordable Home Services has extensive experience with energy-efficient asphalt shingles in NJ and can help you choose the best roof for energy efficiency for your home, as well as ensure they are installed correctly. A new roof using energy-efficient singles is one of the best home improvements you can make.

What Are Energy Efficient Shingles?

Energy-efficient asphalt shingles, or solar reflective shingles, are designed to reflect the hot UV rays of the sun. In the summer, your roof can heat up to very high temperatures, and this heat is transferred into your home. This means your air conditioning system has to work harder to keep your home cool and comfortable, driving up the cost of your bills. Energy-efficient shingles are manufactured from several different materials that both reflect sunlight well and lose heat quickly. Cool roof technology using solar reflective shingles can greatly reduce the amount of heat that is transferred into your home, keeping you more comfortable and saving you money.

Benefits Of Energy Efficient Shingles

  • Lower utility bills – This is the primary reason to install energy-efficient asphalt shingles on your home. The U.S. Department of Energy has estimated that new roof energy savings can save you up to 15% of the electricity you use to run your air conditioner. That may not sound like much at first glance, but it quickly adds up over time.
  • Longer roof life – The UV rays of the sun and heat will slowly deteriorate your roof over time. Because energy-efficient shingles reflect much of this radiation, this process is greatly slowed down. On average a roof installed using energy will last for 30 years or longer.
  • Tax credit – Some types of energy-efficient shingles will qualify you for a federal Energy Star tax credit of up to 30%, which can be significant.

Energy-efficient shingles are available in a wide variety of colors and styles. There is something to fit any type of home decor or style. Affordable Home Services of NJ has a long working relationship with the leading national manufacturers and distributors. We can help you choose the best roof for energy efficiency and to fit the look that you want for your home. Once you’ve chosen the type of energy-efficient asphalt shingles you want, they must be installed according to the Department of Energy standards and per local building codes. Our installers and technicians are experienced and highly trained at installing energy-efficient roofs. They will ensure that your roof is built to industry standards and fully compliant with local code. They will also make sure that your roof does what it’s supposed to do, keep your home cool, comfortable, dry, and save you money. We are fully licensed, insured, and bonded and we guarantee every job we do.

Key Takeaways:

  • Energy-efficient shingles will save you money on utility bills.
  • An energy-efficient roof will last longer before needing replacement.
  • Solar reflective shingles can qualify you for a federal tax credit.
  • Energy-efficient asphalt shingles are available in a wide variety of colors and styles.

When you’re ready to have a new roof installed on your home in northern NJ, Affordable Home Services can help you choose the right one and make sure it’s installed correctly. For a free, no-obligation estimate call 1-973-473-4830 or send us a message online.