As the seasons change, you might be focusing on the parts of your home that need repair or remodeling. New siding adds protection and beauty to your home, and new windows can help keep your home at the perfect temperature while keeping energy costs down. Whether inside or outside your house, Affordable Home Services is proud to offer remodeling services to Caldwell, NJ, as well as all of Northern New Jersey, with home remodeling, vinyl siding contractors, and more.


Siding might seem like something you need for curb appeal, but it’s not just for show. Siding protects your home from wind and weather, keeping the underlying brick or other materials from degrading. While the perfect siding can make your home look incredible, it is, first and foremost, a line of defense against the elements.

While some homes have wooden siding, the most common and resilient material type is vinyl. When siding is made of vinyl, it can last for decades, and it won’t rust or otherwise break down the way aluminum or wooden siding might. It even comes in a variety of colors, so there are very few reasons to not ensure that your siding is up-to-date. Vinyl siding installation is quick, affordable, and a great way to protect your home.

Window Replacement

Your windows are the eyes from your home to your world. Too few windows and you risk not getting enough sunlight, and the sunlight is incredibly important for humans! Old windows get loose, lose their seal, and generally don’t function as well as new windows. Unless you have a vested interest in keeping old windows, you should be considering updating them if it’s been 15-20 years.

New windows fit snugly, open easily, and give you a better view of the outside world. Plus, installing new windows gives you the option to customize the look of your home uniquely. If you want to truly enjoy the natural Caldwell, New Jersey landscape, new windows are a great place to start!

Home Renovations in Northern New Jersey

Affordable Home Services is a third-generation company offering interior and exterior remodeling services to Caldwell, Jersey City, Paterson, and all of Northern New Jersey. From siding to windows, roof service, kitchen, and bath restoration, we can give you a free estimate on your next home project.

Big or small projects, we do it all, and with a lifetime labor guarantee. If you’re looking for home renovations in Caldwell, New Jersey, call Affordable Home Services today!