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Kitchen Cabinet Trends

Although 2020 has been a very interesting year, nothing stops new styles and fashions from coming into the limelight each year, and kitchen cabinet trends are no exception. If you’re planning your kitchen renovation this year, one of the most important kitchen trends to avoid in 2020 is dull, drab, and boring. In 2020, kitchen remodels are all about taking risks and being bold. So let’s take a look at some of the newest kitchen trends in 2020!

2020 Kitchen Cabinet Trends

Open Kitchen Shelving

The doors have been coming off this year as open shelves have become popular. They can free up valuable space in smaller kitchens and increase convenience because you can simply reach in a grab what you need. They also allow you to get creative with displaying colorful bowls, jars, and utensils. Open shelves can contribute nicely to both a rustic and a minimalist look.

Pastels & Cool Tones

Although it may not seem to fit with the bold and risky theme declared above, kitchen cabinet color trends in 2020 have been leaning toward cooler tones like gray, white, blue, green, and even pink, and pastels in general. Customized colors are big this year too with homeowners desiring a unique hue that specifically fits their kitchen and their personal tastes.

Transitional Designs

One of the newest kitchen trends in 2020 is making use of transitional styles in design layout, which simply means mixing traditional designs with more modern styles. You might choose to put Shaker cabinets alongside industrial-looking open shelves, for example. Or colorful art deco cabinets alongside plain wood shelving. The transitional design allows you to indulge your whimsy to create a truly eclectic look.

Wood Cabinet Finishes

Wood is a mainstay of kitchen cabinet trends, perennially popular, but the finish preferences can and do change. Cerused cabinet finishes are big in 2020, which is the process of using several different types of stains and pigments to bring out the natural grain of the wood in striking contrasts. Also popular is using reclaimed wood for cabinets from old barns and fences and what have you. It’s environmentally friendly and very cozy.

Under Cabinet Lighting

Lights placed underneath the kitchen cabinets continue to increase in popularity this year, mainly due to the availability of LED lights and a move away from incandescent bulbs given the heat and energy bills they create. LED lights now come in a variety of designs which makes them very versatile for use in places where traditional lights wouldn’t work. They are available in many different colors, last for years, and use a fraction of the electricity that incandescent bulbs use. Fluorescent and Xenon bulbs are other options.

Brass Cabinet Accents

Sometimes kitchen trends come back around, and that’s the case with brass accents this year. They were popular for a while back in the 1990s and they’ve made an encore as one of the 2020 kitchen cabinet trends. However, it’s not the shiny brass that’s in, but the brushed finished accents that are in demand.

Smart Technology Storage

It’s 2020 and you can’t escape smart gadgets, even in the kitchen. You’ll want to plan spaces in your cabinetry to accommodate smart device docking stations or holders for your mobile devices to use while you’re following a recipe or watching a show. You might also want to incorporate built-in wireless speakers and TVs in your cabinets.

In Summary:

  • Bold and risky cabinetry is in for 2020.
  • Customized colors like pastels of pink, green, and blue hues are trending as homeowners desire a unique hue that fits their personal taste.
  • Spaces to store smart devices in your kitchen and cabinetry are recommended.

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