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Best Types of Windows For Winter

Winter is right around the corner! This is the perfect time to ensure your windows are capable of keeping the heat inside and preventing the cold air from moving into your living space. The windows you select are important for reasons beyond aesthetics and security. Choosing the correct window type and quality makes a meaningful difference in terms of your comfort as well as your home’s heating bill. If you are even slightly worried about your windows’ ability to keep the cold air out and the warm air inside, lean on our team for window replacement with energy-efficient windows.

Window Types in Terms Glass and Style

The northern part of the country is chock full of homes with traditional window types such as double and single-hung windows. However, homes with more of a modern look often have sliding and casement windows with seamless and clean sightlines. What matters most is the insulation.

The proper insulation keeps the cold air outside and the warm air indoors. As an example, Low-E glass made with argon blocks provides considerable insulation. The argon helps keep the warm indoor air you paid to heat exactly where it should be – inside.

What About the Window Pane?

Opt for double or triple pane windows as opposed to a single pane. The single-pane variety simply does not hold the heat indoors when the temperatures dip down low and the winds pick up. A triple or double pane window composed of Low-E glass is treated with a metallic coating that is specifically made to filter light into the home with the overarching goal of keeping it warm during the winter months.

The strategic design of triple and double pane windows ensures the sunlight can move into your living space amidst the frigid winter months. The moral of this story is the best winter windows are highlighted by well-insulated glass that allows the sun’s rays to move inside while preventing the cold from seeping in.

Window Frames Matter

Window frames are commonly overlooked as they are fairly subtle and located along the perimeter of the glass. The windows you select should be highlighted by a frame suitable for cold weather. After all, the frame is the part of the window where heat is most likely to escape. In particular, the window frame’s perimeter, sill, and sash are likely to allow air to escape, wasting the money you spent to warm the interior of your home, business, or other building.

Opt for extreme cold weather windows with a frame comprised of composite, fiberglass, vinyl, or wood. The ideal combination is wood complete with vinyl cladding that holds the heat inside your home. The addition of vinyl helps safeguard the integrity of the wood. Fiberglass and vinyl frames will also suffice yet fiberglass is comparably expensive. Above all, it is in your interest to bypass aluminum frames as they do not hold heat inside your home as well as other frame materials.

Key Takeaways:

  • Your home’s windows determine your comfort and monthly heating bill
  • Our team makes window replacement or repair quick, easy, and affordable
  • Act now before the worst of winter arrives so you stay nice and warm all the way through spring

Affordable Home Services is Here to Help With Your Windows

If you are not confident in the quality of your windows as winter approaches, take action now. Our window experts are here to help you select the perfect new windows. We will install your new windows so you stay nice and toasty during the winter.

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