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     Windows from Affordable Home  Services carry the best and most energy  efficient  windows on the market today.  Not only do our windows provide superior  protection  for your home, but features  like art and colored glass, architectural  shapes and  colored vinyl provide lasting  beauty.

​​     The window experts at A.H.S. stay  informed on all of the features that our  windows  have to offer. Because we have  been in business in New Jersey since 1947,  we know  the unique climate of this area  and what products will perform best.  Given your  specific aesthetic and energy  efficiency needs, we can recommend the  window  products that will best suit your  home.

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Why Replace Your Windows?
Replacing your existing windows with energy efficient windows will have an instant impact on your energy bills. Most homes are built with single-pane windows, which have a minimal impact on energy efficiency. On a cold day, hold your hand near a single-pane window and you can feel the that is entering your home through your windows.

Replacing single-pane window with high quality double-pane windows is an investment in the overall quality of your home, and it will also reduce your energy bill cost significantly. With today’s styles, replacing your windows will also add lasting beauty to your home.