Window Replacement

Windows, like siding and the roof, will receive the brunt of damage from the elements. They are best thought of as a shield which protects your home’s interior from rain, sleet, snow, hail and strong wind. As such, they will wear out over time, and must be replaced otherwise the interior of your home could be compromised.

What is Window Replacement?

Window replacement involves the tools, materials and process used to replace an aging or damaged window with a new one. It usually requires a small construction crew, who will use a utility knife, hammer and drill to pull out the damaged window, after which they will install the new model. Measurements must be taken first, and additional materials needed for the project include caulk and shims.

When Do You Need Window Replacement in New Jersey?

  • When your existing window becomes hard to operate: A common sign that a window is in need of replacement is when it becomes hard to close or open. A good window will always open and close smoothly, and if it doesn’t you have a problem that needs to be resolved.
  • You notice excessive condensation: If your window becomes foggy, obstructing your view, this means that condensation is present. This has a number of potential causes, but is usually an indication that the seals of the window have declined and need to be replaced otherwise the window will become subject to leakage.
  • You can hear everything happening outside: An aging or poorly designed window will transfer sound from outside inside the house. This is very unpleasant, but it also happens in reverse; low quality windows will also transfer sound from inside the home outside, which means anyone passing by can hear what’s going on indoors. Replacing such windows with new ones that are energy efficient will give you greater privacy as it will absorb sound waves rather than reflecting them.
  • You notice the frame rotting: A window frame which is decaying is a major sign that the window needs to be replaced, and soon. Otherwise, the frames will start to warp and this will make the windows harder to operate. A deteriorating frame also causes the window to leak whenever it rains, and in the worst case scenario can create a small pool on the floor beneath which could cause anyone walking by to slip and fall down.

Why Choose Affordable Home Services for NJ Window Replacement?

AHS has been in business since 1947, far longer than most other construction firms in New Jersey. The reason for this is because of our commitment to our customers and our trade. We continued to adapt to newer technologies and methods over the decades and only employ the best people. These traits have resulted in us receiving the coveted GAF-certified Master Elite certification, an accolade which is a symbol of excellence in the construction business. The next time you need your window replaced simply call (973) 473-4830 or email us at

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