Wood Clapboard Siding

Wood siding has been around for a while and is quite popular among many. Although newer, more advanced materials have been introduced over the last few decades, wood clapboard siding continues to be installed on many houses throughout the world.

What is Wood Clapboard Siding?

Also called weatherboard, wood clapboard siding is comprised of extended boards which are installed in a horizontal manner which makes them overlap. It is usually constructed with woods such as redwood or cedar since they have great strength and rot resistance.

When Do You Need Wood Clapboard Siding in New Jersey?

  • When you seek easier repairs: Clapboard siding is much easier to repair than other types of cladding. For instance, if a single board becomes damaged, it can easily be repainted or replaced without a lot of hassle or high cost.
  • When you want natural beauty: One reason why wood siding has not fallen out of favor despite the introduction of newer materials such as vinyl, aluminum, fiber cement and stucco is because of the natural, earthly beauty it provides. In fact, wood clapboard siding when installed properly can even boost the value of your home. Older properties with wood siding that are well maintained carry a premium over homes that use more contemporary synthetic materials.
  • When you desire variety and diversity: Wood comes in many different colors and textures. This means you will have a lot of natural options to choose from when it comes to deciding what look you want to go for. When it comes to wood there is virtually something for everyone.
  • When you want the ultimate eco-friendly material: There is no siding material on the market more environmentally friendly than wood. Generally speaking, the construction industry produces a tremendous amount of waste each year, and much of it has to do with manufacturing synthetic materials that involve all sorts of chemicals which are harsh on the environment. Furthermore, some synthetic materials are toxic.
  • When you want something easy to paint: Wood clapboard siding is a very paint friendly material. This means that homeowners (or the construction teams they hire) can paint the siding in any color they want. The best paints are oil based and will usually be placed the side that is rough sawn, which is effective since it will absorb the coating with ease. This also means that wood siding is easy and cost effective to change when compared to other materials.

Why Choose Affordable Home Services for NJ Wood Clapboard Siding?

When it comes to wood clapboard siding installation no one does it like Affordable Home Services. We’ve operated in New Jersey since the 1940s and while many other construction firms have come and gone we continue to perform at the highest level. The tools, techniques and approaches we use are industry standard and our success has led to our firm being awarded the coveted GAF-certified Master Elite certification. Those who are ready to professionally install wooden siding on their home can reach us by phone at (973) 473-4830 or email us at info@affordablehomeservicesnj.com .

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