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Modern vinyl siding is both versatile and extremely durable. It was first introduced during the 1950s, but has come a long way since then due to the many advances which have been made in cladding material. It is now the preferred choice for more than 30 percent of homeowners in the U.S.

What is Vinyl Siding?

Vinyl siding is a type of plastic which is added to the exterior of houses. It is used for many purposes, including weatherproofing, decoration, and can also be used as an alternative to materials such as wood or aluminum. It is an engineered material which is usually produced using PVC, or polyvinyl chloride resin.

When Do You Need Vinyl Siding in New Jersey?

  • When you want to save money: One reason for the popularity of this siding option is its affordability. While prices are subject to change, vinyl will typically be less than fifty percent of the cost of wood siding, and unlike wood it is more resilient against moisture and termites.
  • When you don’t want to perform a lot of maintenance: Vinyl requires very little maintenance when compared to other siding options. It resists rot and insects, and will maintain its strength for many years. It doesn’t require repainting, and at best you’ll only need to perform light cleaning once every twelve months so that it maintains its attractiveness.
  • When you want durability: Vinyl is strong, engineered to withstand elements such as strong winds, snow, hail and rain. Equally important, vinyl has great resistance against moisture, which means that it is not subject to decay or corrosion. It isn’t unusual for customers who buy vinyl siding to get extended warranties which may be prorated for as long as fifty years.
  • When you want versatility: Modern vinyl is extremely diverse, and is available in a wide range of textures and colors. You can choose something that is completely unique, and if you like the look of wood but don’t want to deal with its downsides you can install vinyl which resembles it.
  • When you want lower energy costs: Most people don’t like paying more than is necessary for their energy bill, and vinyl will maximize your savings. It does this by blocking heat loss among the exterior wall and studs, which is called thermal bridging. This results in the home being nice and warm during winter and cooler during the summer. You will also keep your energy bill low.

Why Choose Affordable Home Services for NJ Vinyl Siding?

Affordable Home Services is based in New Jersey, and for more than seventy years we’ve performed both interior and exterior projects for local residents. We have a GAF-certified Master Elite certification which means the services we provide are professional and second to none. We rigorously test and select only the best material and tools for our siding installations to ensure it will look and perform great for many years to come. For additional questions feel free to call us at (973) 473-4830 or contact us by email at .

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