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Vinyl siding serves two important functions, and these are to protect your home while making it look good. The appearance of the siding will play an important role in the value of the property, and although vinyl is a durable, long lasting material, it is subject to wear and damage. When this occurs repairs will be necessary.

What is Vinyl Siding Repair?

Vinyl siding repair involves the tools and steps needed to repair siding that has sustained damage. The siding will need to be unlocked (using a zip tool), then the area which is damaged will have to be patched. This is usually done with adhesive caulk that is placed near the patch and then put in place, after which the siding is locked back on.

When Do You Need Vinyl Siding Repair in New Jersey?

  • When the siding becomes noisy: Noisy siding is usually a sign that it was not correctly installed. The noise results from changes in temperature or the movement of wind. A common mistake that is made by rookie contractors and inexperienced homeowners attempting a DIY project is making the siding too tight. When this is done it does not have sufficient room for contraction and expansion which leads to popping or creaking sounds. Another culprit is incorrect placement of fasteners. When this occurs the siding will rattle due to wind.
  • When the siding buckles or warps: Vinyl siding which becomes buckled or warped is also a result of making the pieces too tight. Many inexperienced homeowners and contractors confuse vinyl with wood, which should be firmly attached to the exterior of the home. However, vinyl is different as it should be hung by fasteners instead, which will allow for a bit of movement and contraction or expansion as temperatures fluctuate. Whenever vinyl is attached too strongly it will become warped when it attempts expansion or contraction.
  • When you detect excessive moisture: Excessive moisture in the home is never a good sign. Prior to vinyl siding being installed, a barrier which is waterproof should be positioned on the exterior of the house. Its purpose is to provide sealing and prevent moisture from entering. Vinyl siding needs space for expansion and by itself does not offer a seal that is watertight, which is why the barrier is needed. Once moisture becomes trapped along the exterior of the house it can cause mildew or decay.

Why Choose Affordable Home Services for NJ Vinyl Siding Repair?

Affordable Home Services is a highly regarded contractor that has operated in New Jersey since 1947. We specialize in vinyl siding installation and repair, and each member of our team is experienced, patient and knowledgeable in the best tools and materials for the job. We have a coveted GAF-certified Master Elite certification and can provide emergency repairs which are time sensitive. The work we’ve performed in external construction on residential houses is perfectly suited to the extreme weather conditions which are present in the Tri-State area. Contact us by phone today at (973) 473-4830 or send us an email at .

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