Stucco Siding Pricing

Stucco is a popular material for siding, particularly for older houses that are being renovated. It is tough, very fashionable, and as such can significantly boost the curb appeal of a house. In many areas of the country it is the preferred finish.

What is Stucco Siding?

Stucco is a type of cement mixture that is combined with lime or sand. It has been used for centuries and when applied to buildings a wall comprised of wood will be covered with metal that is galvanized and tarpaper, after which stucco will be placed on both.

When Do You Need Stucco Siding in New Jersey?

  • When you want to increase your home’s market value: Stucco is truly a top of the line material. It is extremely popular due to the classic look that it gives to homes and when installed the market value of the property will increase. This is important for those who tend to sell the house as they can charge more and increase their profit.
  • When you want a material that will last: Stucco is not only beautiful, but it is also tough. It will stand the test of time, resisting the extreme weather conditions that are common in the Tri-State area during the winter months. In terms of durability, it surpasses both vinyl and wood, and some studies have found it to be even more resilient than brick. Stucco is also versatile, and can be used in multiple climates. Whether it is snow, rain, heat or strong winds, stucco will stand up to it.
  • When you want increased fire protection: Fire is one of the most devastating things that can happen to a home, and no homeowner wants to see their investment go up in smoke. Stucco resists fire very well, so much so that some insurance companies will allow homeowners to lower their insurance costs if they install it. Over time these savings can translate into thousands of dollars. If the worst happens and your house does catch on fire, with stucco the damage will be reduced.
  • When you don’t want to deal with a lot of maintenance: Stucco is perfect for those that are busy and don’t have time to perform a lot of siding maintenance. Many siding materials have to be regularly painted or cleaned, but stucco requires virtually no upkeep. This means you will save a great deal of both money and time.

Why Choose Affordable Home Services for NJ Stucco Siding?

Stucco siding installation requires the right tools, knowledge and experience. Affordable Home Services has been in the construction business for decades, and we have a professional team of contractors that can perform stucco installation and ensure it is done the right way the first time. We are GAF-certified Master Elite which means our firm operates at the highest possible level. Don’t take chances with rookie contractors or try to save a buck by doing it yourself. Save time and headaches by calling us today at (973) 473-4830 or send an email to .

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