Stone Siding Repair

Stone siding comes in two types; natural stone and stone veneer which are manufactured. Natural stone is authentic and is either collected or quarried, and will be sliced to a specific thickness, weight and size which are suitable for siding, while manufactured stone is made from a mixture of concrete which is light in weight.

What is Stone Siding Repair?

Stone siding repair involves the process, procedures and tools which are used to repair stone siding that has become damaged. Common equipment which is used for this purpose include concrete mortar, a nylon and metal brush, replacement stones, a mixture of grout and a joint tool. The repairs will focus on the cracks and will also replace any stones that are missing.

When Do You Need Stone Siding Repair in New Jersey?

  • When you detect moisture problems: Although stone and stucco are different materials, their application process is almost the same. If the stone siding is not correctly sealed, moisture and water can enter behind the stone wall, and once they become trapped there, the moisture won’t dry or drain away. Instead it will produce rot or mold, which will damage any wood that is present along with the underlying wall sheathing.
  • When insufficient mortar was used during installation: Stone siding installation typically involves the usage of mortar. However, it is common for inexperienced contractors or homeowners who do the project themselves to use either the wrong type of mortar or the incorrect amount, which will result in a bond between the application area and stone which is weak. The weaker bond will cause the stones to fall off the wall, which in turn will allow moisture and water to enter the home’s interior.
  • There is no gap between the ground and stone siding: Professional installation is extremely important when it comes to stone siding. A common mistake which is made by amateurs is forgetting to leave a gap between the base of the stone siding and the ground so that water is allowed to seep out. When this best practice is not followed, it can result in the siding sustaining damage.

Why Choose Affordable Home Services for NJ Stone Siding Repair?

Affordable Home Services is the top contractor in the New Jersey area, having been in operation for more than 70 years. We are a GAF-certified Master Elite firm that only employs the most advanced and efficient processes in our construction projects. We work closely with our clients to ensure they get the products, materials and end result they want.

New Jersey and the Tri-State area in general have humid continental weather which can become harsh during winter. Therefore only the toughest and most durable materials should be used for siding installation and as such these are the only materials we employ. Over the decades we’ve worked with thousands of clients, and their satisfaction has resulted in us being the most sought after Construction Company in the northeastern U.S.  Call (973) 473-4830 or email us at

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