Plastic Siding

Plastic siding has come a long way since it was first introduced during the 1950s. The modern variant is high tech, durable and very pleasing to the eye. As a consequence it now appears on the exterior of more than 30 percent of homes in the United States.

What is Plastic Siding?

Plastic siding, which is also known as vinyl, is placed on the exterior of the home to decorate it while protecting the interior against weather. It has a number of interesting characteristics, one of which is its ability to mimic other materials such as wood, cement and even stone. It differs from standard plastics as it is engineered using PVC, or polyvinyl chloride resin.

When Do You Need Plastic Siding in New Jersey?

  • When you want to reduce your costs: Vinyl is one of the most affordable siding materials you can purchase. In fact, experts say that it costs less than 50 percent of wood siding, despite being more durable against moisture and insects.
  • When you desire diversity: Contemporary vinyl comes in a multitude of profiles, textures and colors. This means you have a diverse range of choices for siding. Since it can mimic other materials, you can go for any look you want. You can install vinyl that looks like wood or stone, without actually having to spend the higher costs needed to acquire these materials and deal with the downsides that occur with them. Most people that visit your home won’t know the difference.
  • When you don’t want to deal with a lot of maintenance: Many siding materials require lots of ongoing maintenance, and many homeowners would prefer to do other things with their time and money. The good thing about vinyl is that it is one of the lowest maintenance materials on the market. It resists insects and rot, and will last for many years due to its durability. The most you’ll have to do is clean it once each year.
  • When you want a lower energy bill: Few homeowners are fond of high heating or cooling bills, yet this is exactly what you’ll get if you have poor siding. Vinyl is insulated and as such it blocks the loss of heat between the walls. While many homes in the northeastern U.S. have insulation, vinyl is superior as it prevents the “bleeding” of heat from wall studs. This results in a warmer home during winter and a cooler home during summer.

Why Choose Affordable Home Services for NJ Plastic Siding?

Affordable Home Services is a contractor based in New Jersey which has operated in the area since 1947. Few construction firms have been around this long and this is one indicator of why you should hire us. The other is the fact that we have a GAF-certified Master Elite certification, which means that we are consummate professionals who understand all the nuances of correct siding installation.

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