Thin Brick Siding System

Brick is one of the more expensive siding materials, and since it is porous it must be maintained correctly otherwise the home could be subject to problems with mold and drainage. When a quality drainage system is in place, brick offers significant advantages over other siding options. While it is costly to acquire and install up front, the long term benefits are worth it, as the home will receive a greater market value.

What is Brick Siding?

Brick is a material comprised of shale and clay, which are natural and abundant throughout the earth. These materials are then taken and fired within the kiln which can reach temperatures of two thousand degrees. This transforms the shale and clay into a highly durable material due to the vitrification process, which causes the particles of the clay to fuse as one.

When Do You Need Brick Siding in New Jersey?

  • When you want protection against strong wind: Homes constructed with brick provide a much higher protection level against wind and debris than homes which are constructed with fiber cement or vinyl. Studies have found that these other materials are penetrable by objects moving at certain speeds, while those same objects would have to move at much higher speeds to penetrate brick.
  • When you want greater moisture control: Research has found that brick siding manages moisture better than siding which is constructed from other materials. Brick will reduce the growth and spread of mold, rot and insect infestation, along with corrosion.
  • When you want sustainability: The ingredients used in brick are mostly natural, as clay and shale can be found in large quantities in the earth’s crust. Brick may also be salvaged and used for many different landscaping projects. When manufactured almost all the clay that is mined will be used which reduces the environmental impact which is seen with the production of other siding materials.
  • When you want long lasting beauty: Brick is beautiful, and it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. Unlike other materials it is not vulnerable to dents, rot or fading and as such never has to be repainted. Due to its modular units and the multitude of shapes that it can be positioned in, brick has been a popular construction material for hundreds of years. Like wine, it can improve with age. It is also noise absorbent, which gives it acoustic benefits in areas that are heavily populated.

Why Choose Affordable Home Services for Brick Siding?

The work we perform is unrivaled. We’ve been in business in New Jersey for more than fifty years and there is a very good reason for that, and this is because we know what we’re doing. Every aspect of our business, from the people we hire to the tools and materials we use, has been selected and developed with great care. We specialize in residential construction, installation and repair, and once we’ve added brick to your home’s exterior you will be impressed with the results. Call us today at (973) 473-4830 or send an email to .

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