Brick Siding Repair

Brick is one of the best siding materials that money can buy, but it isn’t invulnerable. Whether it is new or old, brick can deteriorate as a result of shoddy construction, adverse weather or lackluster maintenance. Recognizing the warning signs early is important, and will reduce your overall repair costs.

What is Brick Siding Repair?

The majority of problems involving brick lie with the mortar joints. Repairing it involves the usage of materials such as mortar ready mix which is weatherproof and tools such as a hammer and chisel, which will be used to chip away the crumbling mortar so a wire brush can be applied to the joint. Once the joints are cleared they will need to be dampened so they will work with the new mortar, which is done using a trowel. The mortar must be allowed to set for a time after which the joints can be finished so they match the others. Any excess mortar should be removed with a fresh trowel.

When Do You Need Brick Siding Repair in New Jersey?

  • When you notice white powder on the bricks: This is called efflorescence and is the result of too much moisture on the brick wall over extended time periods. It essentially means the wall is not drying sufficiently and while the powder won’t damage the brick it is usually an indication of problems with the drainage cavity.
  • You notice decaying or missing mortar joints: Mortar joints usually aren’t as strong as brick blocks, which mean they will wear out sooner. After about 15 or 20 years homeowners should check for tuck pointing and get their mortar joints repaired if needed.
  • The masonry wall has become bowed: This is a serious issue, especially if it occurs at the level of the parapet. It usually means that the bricks are expanding as a result of absorbing moisture. If effective expansion joints are not present, the brick will continue its expansion, which will place greater pressure on the wall corners. This will result in a bowed effect.
  • You notice diagonal cracking: This is a problem especially if it occurs near window corners. It is often the result of deterioration in the shelf angles that provide support. These are steel objects which are near window headers and are connected to the frame, which supports the brick veneer. The failure ultimately results from too much moisture which leads to corrosion.

Why Choose Affordable Home Services for NJ Brick Siding Repair?

Brick is an exceptionally durable material, but when it does need repairs, the process is complex, and is not a job that should be left up to amateurs. Affordable Home Services has been in operation for more than 60 years and there is little we haven’t seen or dealt with. Our knowledge, commitment to our customers and dedication has resulted in us being the recipient of the GAF-certified Master Elite certification, which means you should call us at (973) 473-4830 for any brick problems you have, or send us an email at .

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