Brick Siding Installation

Brick can be considered a high end siding material that can have a great impact on the wallet. However, it is unparalleled in terms of its beauty, durability, and protection against fire, rot, mold and insects. It has been used for centuries and there is a very good reason for that.

What is Brick Siding Installation?

Brick siding installation involves the procedures and tools which are needed to add brick to the home’s exterior. The existing siding will first have to be removed. Once this is done, the exterior wall and its vapor barrier must be inspected. The brick siding can then be attached after which it must be secured. The corner panels will then need to be sawn off and caulk must be used to conceal any holes or seams which are visible to the eye. The caulk will also prevent moisture from entering the home.

When Do You Need Brick Siding Installation in New Jersey?

  • When you desire greater energy efficiency: Brick has superior thermal mass characteristics. This means that it is a material which is heavy and dense and as such it can store heat and then release it gradually. Those within the home will experience cooler temperatures during summer and in winter the brick will store the heat of the house and radiate it inward, keeping your family nice and cozy, which is not the case with lighter, cheaper siding materials.
  • When you want excellent fire protection: The main ingredient in brick is clay, and when processed it will be fired to extremely high temperature. It is therefore a material that is non-combustible, and the protection it offers against fire is one of the highest you’ll find of any material. It completely surpasses even newer materials such as vinyl, which were engulfed when subjected to the flames that brick successfully resisted.
  • When you want greater home value: Brick is costly, but like so many other things in life that are expensive, it is worth every penny. Homes with brick siding have been found to command a much higher market value than properties which use siding comprised of other materials. This is due to the fact that brick has a rustic look that many people find attractive and when combined with its durability and low maintenance people are willing to pay more for it.
  • When you don’t want a lot of maintenance: Aside from drainage issues, brick is quite easy to maintain. At best, homeowners may be required to use a hose every so often. It doesn’t require actual repairs unless it becomes loose or chipped, which won’t happen often. Those who install brick won’t have to worry about rot or repainting, which is an issue with other materials.

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