Skylight Installation and Costs

Skylights allow natural light to enter buildings, casting shadows and producing interesting focal points. They are primarily used for daylight and provide a number of benefits. They are found in both residential and commercial buildings, and have been used since antiquity.

What is a Skylight?

A skylight is a type of fenestration which transmits light. During the day, it will form a portion or perhaps all of a building’s lighting. Skylights were popular in the architecture of Ancient Rome and their popularity has continued into the present time. They come in various forms, including sloped glazing, roof windows and tubular day lighting devices.

When Do You Need Skylight Installation in New Jersey?

Some of the instances where NJ homeowners require skylight installation services include:

  • When you desire greater energy efficiency: Skylights lower electric light usage and will reduce energy consumption and costs. It also lowers demand for power which is unsustainable and which is causing challenges to the planet’s environment.
  • When you want more ventilation: Skylights can be used as a type of air conditioner which is passive, and through their exhaust effect the hot air will be drawn upward through the opening, producing cooling within the home and the circulation of fresh air.
  • When you want additional privacy: Many homes today are built in close proximity to each other and this has led to privacy concerns among some. A growing number of home buyers are now looking for properties that have skylights in them, especially in the bathroom.
  • When you want more daylight: Daylight is natural and healthy. It provides luminary balance to rooms and will lower glare while making living spaces seem safer and more expansive.
  • When you want to save money: Although installing a new skylight is an initial investment, you will get a return on your investment over time due to reduced energy costs. Some homeowners may also gain tax advantages and skylights are perfect for those who want to make their homes greener.

Why Choose Affordable Home Services for NJ Skylight Installation?

Affordable Home Services was established in 1947 and has been in operation for more than 70 years due to our dedication to our clients as well as our trade. Installing a skylight is a serious undertaking that should not be performed by amateurs. We specialize in both exterior and interior residential construction and our exceptional work has garnered excellent reviews and a coveted GAF Master Elite certification.

The products and materials we use have been carefully reviewed and selected to ensure they will perform at the highest standards while withstanding the ravages of time. We offer one of the largest selections of colors, materials and skylight styles that you’ll find anywhere in New Jersey. The weather conditions in the Tri-State area are harsh particularly during winter and our construction methods, tools and materials and used with this in mind. We recognize that no two projects are exactly alike and we consult with our clients carefully to ensure their unique needs are met.

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