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Metal flashing is one of the most important aspects of skylight installation, especially in New Jersey which receives lots of rain, snow and moisture. When flashing is correctly applied it will prevent water and moisture from reaching the skylight which ensures there are no leaks within the home.

What is Skylight Flashing?

Skylight flashing is a thin material sheet that will be bent in such a way where it surrounds the entire contour opening where the skylight will be placed. It will usually be L-shaped as these results in a superior seal but many homeowners and roofers install a skylight without adding this vital component. However, choosing not to install flashing or installing it incorrectly is a serious mistake with long term consequences.

When Do You Need Skylight Flashing in New Jersey?

Some of the instances where NJ homeowners require skylight flashing services include:

  • When you want to install a skylight: Flashing is a necessity anytime you wish to install a skylight. It will shield the underlying frame from moisture and prevent water from leaking into the home.
  • When your existing flashing is insufficient: Flashing, as with other roofing components, is subject to wear and tear over time. Once this happens it will not be able to stop water from moving inside the roof, which in turn can lead to additional problems.
  • When you notice leaking: If you notice any form of leaking in the area of the home beneath the skylight this is a sign that your flashing has been compromised. Oftentimes this results from the fasteners which are used. A fastener is pushed into the roofing wood and will produce a hole that water can enter. As a result the latest flashing systems utilize tar materials that produce a special seal near the fastener. This results in a bond that is watertight and will provide stability to screws and nails.

Why Choose Affordable Home Services for NJ Skylight Flashing?

Affordable Home Services is the construction firm of choice for many New Jersey residents. We’ve been in operation since 1947 and have tremendous expertise in all manner of interior and exterior construction. In particular, we are adept in the installation, replacement and maintenance of skylights and the typical problems that occur with them. We only work with products, tools and materials which have been proven to be effective in New Jersey’s unrelenting climate.

When hiring us, you will be working with a company that has a coveted GAF Master Elite certification. We take our work very seriously and we have a team of knowledgeable, friendly staff who will cater to your specific needs. The one thing which sets us apart from other construction teams, aside from our decades of experience, is that we fully recognize that no two jobs are exactly alike. The needs of one client will differ from another, and that’s why we never use any cookie-cutter solution.

To find out more about our skylight flashing services, simply contact us by phone at (973) 473-4830 or send an email to info@affordablehomeservicesnj.com.

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