Emergency Roof Repair

The roof of the home is directly exposed to the elements and as a consequence, it becomes vulnerable to damage caused by heavy snow, strong winds, and even falling tree branches. There are times when these conditions can result in major damage to the roof which requires emergency repairs.

What is Emergency Roof Repair?

An emergency roof repair differs from standard repairs due to the time sensitive nature of the situation. It is typically requested by homeowners at times when their roof has been severely damaged and is in danger of collapse. Whereas most homeowners can remain present in the home when standard repairs are needed on the roof, for emergency repairs they will often have to relocate, staying with relatives or in hotels as remaining in the home puts them at risk due to the possibility of a ceiling collapse.

When Do You Need Emergency Roof Repair in New Jersey?

Some of the instances where NJ homeowners require emergency roof repair services include:

  • When the roof has sustained serious damage: A roof that is damaged as a result of a falling tree or another type of impact is in serious condition, and will need to be repaired as soon as possible. A roof in this condition is vulnerable to a cave in and presents a hazard to anyone inside the building.
  • The roof is sagging severely: While minor sagging should be seen as a cause for concern, major sagging means that the roof is in danger of collapse and you need immediate assistance. It is not safe to remain in any building where this is present and the problem must be fixed while it is localized because if the damage spreads the consequences and costs for repair will be high.
  • The roof has been damaged by high winds: Winds that are sufficiently strong can wreak havoc on roofs, in some cases ripping them apart. If this occurs it should be seen as a major emergency, one that requires immediate repair.

Why Choose Affordable Home Services for NJ Emergency Roof Repair?

When your roof has sustained major damage that has put it at risk of collapse you need the help of a professional, someone who is experienced, skilled and who can quickly determine the problem and the best way to resolve it. These are the characteristics that you will find from the team at Affordable Home Services. We’ve been in operation since 1947 because we have an innate understanding of interior and exterior residential construction.

We provide time sensitive emergency roof repair services to clients throughout New Jersey and our speed, skill and communication with our clients is second to none. We are also a GAF-certified Master Elite provider. The materials and techniques we use are perfectly adapted to the harsh climate and weather conditions which are found in the NJ region and the projects undertaken by us stand the test of time.

Contact us by phone at (973) 473-4830 or send us an email at info@affordablehomeservicesnj.com if you require New Jersey emergency roof services today. Our team will be there to render professional help in the fastest time possible.

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