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Stone is arguably one of the most popular materials for walkways. It is beautiful, easy to walk on, does not become too slippery when wet, and was probably one of the first construction materials man ever used. Despite newer materials being introduced over the centuries, stone has remained a favorite of property owners.

What are Stone Walkways?

A walkway is a manmade path used to enter or leave or home or building. It serves a number of purposes, the most important of which is to guide you away from or into the property without stepping on the nearby lawn, flowers or landscaping. Walkways can be made out of lots of materials including concrete or brick, but stone is wildly popular due to its many positive characteristics.

When Do You Need Stone Walkways in New Jersey?

  • When you want a material that ages well: Stone is one of the few construction materials that actually look better as it ages. It is a natural material that has incredible longevity, and its maintenance needs are minimal compared to other material types. It is for this reason that during ancient and medieval times it was chosen for castles, cathedrals, fortresses and temples.
  • When you want an eco-friendly material: A growing number of homeowners are recognizing the harmful environmental impact of the construction industry, and both they and their elected officials are demanding change in the manner in which homes are designed and maintained. Because stone is natural it can be acquired from local sources, which eliminates the energy and cost needed for long distance transport and its processing does not lead to the release of chemicals hazardous to the environment.
  • When you want something that is comfortable to walk on: The walkway you choose for your home is something you will walk over repeatedly for decades. As such, you want a material that feels comfortable under your feet, which does not become too slippery when wet so you don’t fall down and sustain injury. Stone has the advantage of great strength combined with comfort for those who walk on it.
  • When you desire durability: Stone is one of the toughest materials that money can buy, which is why it’s so costly. Stone can withstand all sorts of things, including wind, rain, snow, sleet, heat and hail, while suffering little. Insects have no effect on it and it is also impervious to rot or fire.

Why Choose Affordable Home Services for NJ Stone Walkways?

Affordable Home Service is one of the most respected construction firms in New Jersey. This is a result of our long standing dedication to our customers and industry. We only use the finest materials and tools, and the people that we employ manifest our philosophy of excellence. Those who are looking to install a new stone walkway, or who need to repair an existing one, should look no further than AHS. Our skill, experience and credentials are second to none. Simply call (973) 473-4830 or email us at info@affordablehomeservicesnj.com.

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