How to Build a Retaining Wall

Many property owners consider retaining walls to be mostly for utility usage, but in fact they can serve numerous purposes. They have an array of features which make them ideal both for commercial or residential buildings.

What are Retaining Walls?

Retaining walls are walls which are used to hold back soil which lies behind them. There are numerous materials that can be used in their construction, but some of the most popular are concrete, timber, boulders and rocks. Some are easier to use than others, and the life span of these walls will vary depending on the material that is used. Most retaining walls will use reinforcements in order to provide them with greater strength.

When Do You Need Retaining Walls in New Jersey?

  • When you want to stop flooding: Storms and flooding are a problem all over the U.S., but particularly in the northeast, which receives its share of storms, rain and heavy snowfall. When a retaining wall is correctly installed and positioned, it will hold back floodwater and provide an additional layer of protection to the property.
  • When you want to highlight a specific area: Aside from their practical value, retaining walls can also enhance the aesthetic beauty of your property by producing various focal points. Retaining walls work well with gardens and other types of landscape as they will heighten visual interest. Some homeowners choose to combine steps with their retaining walls, which will provide additional strength, a way of moving about, and curb appeal. Throwing in some lights which are low voltage will make the experience even better.
  • When you want to stop erosion: Erosion typically results from steep spots or locations where dirt is lost easily. It is a serious issue that every property owner should be mindful of, as it can lead to permanent or extremely costly damage which is tough to repair. A retaining wall is your best defense against it as the wall will battle the movement of the soil and keep it where you want it to be. As such, many homeowners consider their retaining wall to be one of their best investments.
  • When you want greater space: If the land around your property is comprised of lots of slopes or hills, retaining walls will allow you to create greater space. The reason for this is because a retaining wall, particularly one which is tiered, will produce more space that can be used for gardening, farming or recreational activities.

Why Choose Affordable Home Services for NJ Retaining Walls?

Installing a retaining wall is a significant endeavor which requires lots of time, labor and energy. As such, this is a job that should absolutely not be left up to amateurs. If the retaining wall is not installed and positioned correct it can actually cause greater harm than good, which is why homeowners all over New Jersey choose Affordable Home Services for their installation. We have the experience, skills and tools which are needed to complete the project on time, with precision and within budget. Simply call (973) 473-4830 or email us at

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