Stone Patio Repair NJ

Your patio is one area of the home which will receive considerable wear over time, as it will be directly exposed to elements such as rain, heat, snow, sleet and hail. While a well-designed patio will last for many years without requiring repair, eventually you will want to have it inspected and fixed. Many property owners procrastinate when it comes to getting their patio repaired, and although this is understandable to a degree, the longer you wait; the more costly the repairs will become.

What is Patio Repair?

Patio repair involves using tools such as a pry bar, brush, trowel, and sledge hammer, and mallet and polythene sheets in order to repair a patio which is worn or has been damaged. In many cases the patio will have cracks that the contractor will seal.

When Do You Need Patio Repair in New Jersey?

  • When you see potholes: Potholes are the result of dirt beneath the patio that is contracting or expanding. As you continue walking or driving over it the patio will eventually sink in, creating potholes which are both unattractive and dangerous.
  • When the patio looks worn out: As concrete and pavement gets old it will display an unattractive, worn look and will require resurfacing as a result. It is also important to apply a seal coating as well as waterproofing, otherwise the patio will worsen.
  • When you see cracks: Cracks in the patio are never a good sign. Many property owners don’t consider them to be a big deal when they first appear, but the trouble with cracks is that they are prone to expansion resulting from the formation of ice during winter. Additionally, weeds will grow beneath them and eventually will push up through the surface. A good contractor will first perform an inspection; determine the length, depth, and width of the cracks so they can determine the most optimal solution.
  • When you notice drainage problems: Whenever you see a pool of water near the driveway or patio, this means you likely have a drainage issue. In this case the contractor will need to create either an inlet or some other system that can allow water to drain correctly.

Why Choose Affordable Home Services for NJ Patio Repair?

Affordable Home Services is one of the oldest construction firms in the state of New Jersey, and the quality of our work has resulted in us receiving the coveted GAF-certified Master Elite certification. We have tremendous expertise in both the installation and repair of patios, and we always use the best materials, tools and approaches.

Those who hire us can be rest assured that the work we perform will meet and exceed their expectations. No two patios are exactly alike, and what works for one might not be the best solution for another. This is why we consult with each client to ascertain their specific and unique needs so we can cater to them. Simply call (973) 473-4830 or email us at to learn more about us and what we can do for you.

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