Masonry Joints Repair

Masonry tends to be long lasting and durable, which is why many homeowners don’t pay much attention to it. However, as with anything, masonry is subject to vulnerabilities which may require it to eventually be repaired. A failure to do so can erode the property’s value and cause serious structural issues.

What Is Masonry Repair?

Masonry repair involves correcting the damaged structural units that make up a building structure. Mortar is used to bind the units together, so repair typically involves cutting out mortar which is crumbling and replacing it so water damage to the structure is avoided. Typical tools that are used for this task include the angle grinder, mortar mix, tuck pointer and brick trowel.

When Do You Need Masonry Repair in New Jersey?

  • When you notice a deteriorating flue: The interior of a chimney is referred to as the flue, and is a filtration screen which lets debris and smoke escape. It is often comprised of stone that is tiled, and must be kept in good condition, otherwise if it becomes damaged there could be a carbon monoxide growth, which is a gas free of color or odor which can be dangerous if inhaled. A flue will decline due to long term exposure to moisture as well as chemicals which are corrosive. Missing tiles or flaking is another sign that repairs are in order.
  • The masonry is cracked: Look over your masonry, and pay close attention to the cement based sealing that is used to hold together the bricks. If you see the cement crumbling, or you detect cracks, this is an indication that the masonry is wearing out and needs to be repaired.
  • The bricks are crumbling: Problems with the bricks is a common symptom of aging and deteriorating masonry. Brick will usually last a lot longer than the mortar, so if the bricks display damage you should schedule an appointment with a contractor as soon as possible, as it is a sign that the masonry is in a very bad state.
  • Mortar joints are missing: Bricks should have mortar between them, and if you notice that this mortar is missing the masonry needs to be repaired soon, otherwise water will collect in the openings, after which it will contract and expand, which in turn will lead to further damage. Bricks should be repointed every fifteen to twenty years, but may require repair earlier if the incorrect mortar type was used.

Why Choose Affordable Home Services for NJ Masonry Repair?

Masonry repair requires skilled hands, patience, experience and the right tools. It is not a job which should be performed by novices, and few contractors have more experience than Affordable Home Services, a construction firm which has been in business since 1947. We are a GAF-certified Master Elite contractor which means the work we perform for our clients is world class, and the materials and processes we use are designed for the tough northeastern climate. Call (973) 473-4830 or email us at to learn more.

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