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Anyone who owns a historic brick home in New Jersey is likely aware of the importance of maintaining their fireplace. The fireplace is the traditional method that was used to keep the home warm during winter, and although it has been replaced by newer technologies, many homeowners still use it when the weather turns cold. However, the fireplace is subject to wear over time, and will eventually need to be repaired.

What Is Fireplace Repair?

Fireplace repair involves the tools, procedures and materials which are used to restore an aging or damaged fireplace. A failure to do so can lead to a dangerous situation for those residing in the property as a dirty, old or damaged fireplace can contribute to the emission of carbon monoxide, which is an invisible gas devoid of odor that is harmful when inhaled.

When Do You Need Fireplace Repair in New Jersey?

  • When you detect problems with the flashing: The flashing is metal which is responsible for keeping snow and rain from entering the home through the chimney. The top portion is mortared inside the joints of the brick, and becomes a problem when the flashing develops holes or is not properly sealed inside the chimney.
  • When you notice mortar joints are missing: A close inspection of the chimney on the roof will tell you the condition of the mortar joints, and missing joints are a clear indication of a problem. When the joints begin falling apart, the damage will expand rapidly, and water resulting from snow and rain, as well as freezing will make smaller cracks larger, which will cause the mortar to crumble and over time can ultimately make the chimney collapse.
  • When you see spalling bricks: This is a phenomenon where the bricks on the home’s exterior will pop off and fall into the yard or onto your roof. This problem is easy to see, and the bricks which have fallen will need to be replaced with new ones which are waterproof. You will also want to inspect the crown to see if there are additional issues.
  • Firebricks are broken: If you see shattered firebricks by the fireplace, this means that they likely broke as a result of excessive heat or the logs slamming into them a lot. Occasionally there will be a gap between the front of the fireplace and the firebox, and the framing may be visible within the opening. In this case it will need to be filled with wool which is ceramic and then have refractory cement applied.

Why Choose Affordable Home Services for NJ Fireplace Repair?

Affordable Home Services is a GAF-certified Master Elite firm that has operated in New Jersey for more than 60 years. During this time we’ve served thousands of clients who were satisfied with the work we’ve performed and we’ve continued to adapt to new technologies, tools and methods. We specialize in brick repair and can resolve any issue you have in a timely and cost effective manner. Simply call (973) 473-4830 or email us at .

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