Stone Repair

Concrete, brick and stone are three of the most popular building materials for steps, being found in both commercial and residential buildings. They are frequently used in the foundation due to their great strength and durability, but both are subject to vulnerabilities that property owners should pay attention to.

What Is Concrete Stone & Brick Step Repair?

Concrete stone and brick repair involves the tools and procedures used to fix steps when they’ve sustained damage, either due to normal wear or an accident. There are a number of indications that these materials have problems, the most common of which are cracks. Other problems may remain undetected for many years until a major event occurs which gets the property owners attention in a big way.

When Do You Need Concrete Stone & Brick Step Repair in New Jersey?

  • When you detect foundation settlement: Blocks which become separated are a sign of settlement issues in the foundation. This can be difficult to notice if the blocks are comprised of stucco siding, but this is why it is recommended to pay attention to the concrete steps which is visible close to the walkway or inside the garage. One thing which makes this issue distinct is that the mortar joints will often display the pattern of a zigzag,
  • When the chimney leans or separates: Many homes in New Jersey which are constructed with brick steps will also contain a chimney. This is usually the heaviest object in the house, and will be connected to the support wall via braces or mortar. The braces and mortar will not remain fully attached if the footing below the chimney starts to move. This can lead to an extremely hazardous situation as the heaviest part of the home becomes detached and starts to shift. Those who own a home with a chimney, or are planning to buy one, should get it inspected to determine if leaning or shifting is present. While some property owners try to use mortar to fill up the gaps, this is not enough, and the problem will probably worsen.
  • You notice cracks in the steps or basement: The condition of the basement and steps will tell you a lot about the home’s foundation. If you notice cracks, a separation of caulk near the windows or doors, or the floor is slanted or cracked, these are all signs that you’ve got a problem with the foundation. These issues can be costly to repair but the consequences of not doing so is much higher.

Why Choose Affordable Home Services for NJ Concrete Stone & Brick Step Repair?

Affordable Home Services is New Jersey’s leading construction firm and we’ve been in operation for well over 50 years. Our credentials include a GAF-certified Master Elite certification and we will utilize the newest piering technology to restore a foundation which is cracked and sinking to an optimal, waterproof level. We work with stone, concrete and brick, so simply call (973) 473-4830 or email us at to learn more.

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