How to Build a Concrete Block Wall

Block walls, particularly those which are made from materials such as solid concrete, provide a number of benefits to any buildings or structures which use them. These walls may be poured as a structure which is monolithic, attaching the footing to the wall, or it may be reinforced with both a horizontal and vertical rebar.

What are Block Walls?

Block walls are a type of architectural structure which is built from blocks of lighter concrete which are then filled with rebar – making the wall practically impenetrable. Block walls made of concrete are the easiest to construct due to the materials that are typically used. The purpose of building these walls is the role they play in load bearing.

When Do You Need Block Walls in New Jersey?

  • When you want a superior finish: Block walls which are made of solid concrete may be painted and stuccoed without having to perform additional measures. At the same time, when poured and formed concrete is slick and as such will require the surface to be prepared before the paint can be added. A block wall can also be outfitted with a wall tie among every joint which is horizontal, which allows stone and brick veneer to be attached to it.
  • When you want rebar reinforcement: Rebar can be used to reinforce block walls which are comprised of concrete. Although this is true for most concrete walls, block wall reinforcement can occur in layers or a section, which means the construction process, will go a lot faster than with standard concrete. A normal concrete wall that is formed and poured will need to have all the rebar inserted and tied into a single piece so it can then be set inside a wall cavity, but concrete block walls can be reinforced every four feet or so, both vertically and horizontally while maintaining its strength.
  • When you want to install plumbing or wiring: One of the strongest characteristics of block walls is that they may be retrofitted in a manner that allows them to run wiring or pluming through the block cells. This must be done before the concrete is poured, and although standard concrete walls can also be outfitted with plumbing or wiring, this has to be done while wood is being used to form the wall, which is a tedious process that must be error free. Block walls, by contrast, merely need to be refitted or adjusted by taking away different block sections.

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